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  • 什麼是常見問題部分?(示範)
    常見問題部分為經常出現、與您業務有關的問題提供簡易答案,例如「您們可把產品寄送哪些地方?」、「營業時間如何?」,或「如何預訂服務?」。 常見問題有助訪客瀏覽網站,更可促進網站 SEO。
  • 我可不可以在常見問題中插入圖片、影片或 GIF 檔?
    可以。如需新增媒體檔案,請遵從以下步驟: 輸入應用程式設定 按一下「管理常見問題」 建立或選取要新增媒體檔案的問題 編輯答案時,按一下影片、圖片或 GIF 圖示 自媒體庫新增媒體檔案,然後儲存。
  • 如何新增問題和答案?(示範)
    如需新增常見問題,請遵從以下步驟: 按一下「管理常見問題」按鈕 在網站管理介面,按一下「新增」並選取「問題與答案」選項 新問題和答案會指派至類別中 儲存並發佈。 您隨時都可以編輯常見問題,重新安排次序和選取其他類別。
  • 如何編輯或移除「常見問題」標題?(示範)


Q:How long can we get the sample?

A:About3-5 days to make samples and another 3-5 days to be delivered by couriers.


Q:Can you make OEM or ODM service? lf we want make our own design, what's the mini order quantity?

A:Yes,We can accept OEM service.Also we have our own designer team. Welcome to choose our ODM products. lf you want to make your design, you can refer to the following data: For printed design, we ask about 100m/design; For jacquard design, we ask about 500m/design; For embossed design,we ask about 1000m/design. For embroidery design, we ask about 500m/design.

Or you can send us a message for more accurate information.


Q:What's the mini order quantity for every color if we want make our own color?

A:About 700-900m/colorfor shading fabric. About 1500-1800m/color for sheer fabric.


Q:Could we mix designs in one colorto reach 700-900m for one color?

A:It depends on what kind of fabric you choose!

For embroidery fabric: can

For dyed jacquard fabric: can

For yarn dyed jacquard fabric: can not

For printed fabric: can not

Or you can send us a message for more accurate information.


Q:Are you factory or trading company?

A:We are a professional manufacturer founded in 2016.


Q:What is your main products?

A:Ready made Curtain/Curtain Fabric/Shower Curtain/ Cushion.

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