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About Us


GHOME Furnishing was established in 2016 and participated in the Shenzhen Home Furnishing Fair for the first time in August 2017.

With the original intention of "return to nature" and the eclectic design concept, it left a deep impression on domestic merchants at that time.
Products are updated in spring and autumn every year. The R&D team will combine some European and American order elements.

Plain yarn is based on cotton and linen, jacquard yarn is based on abstract geometric figures, printed yarn patterns are original, and linen focuses on minimalism. In the fierce market competition, always stagger the development of products.
1700 square meters of IKEA shelf storage, scan code storage, and 1500 square meters of shelf zero-cutting warehouse, strictly control the quality,.


Deliver goods to customers as soon as possible, and solve after-sales problems for customers in a timely manner is our team has never forgotten Three things from the beginning.

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